Under 9 (2009)

  Head Coach:  Alan Bruce
  Assistant Coach: Billy McGhee
Colin Green
    Martin McLay
    Kyle Kidd
    Jamie McGregor
    Lee Hutchison 
    Stewart McGovern 
  Training Contact: Alan Bruce - 07761212393
  League: ERSDA             

Current Players

No.1 Laurentio Sotrepa  
No.2  Corey Hutchison                                                
No.3 Jack McNaughton                                                       
No.4 Callum Paton  
No.5 Joe Ottolini  
No.6 Darren Sturrock  
No.7 Lucas Rea  
No.8 Cammy Sistrunk  
No.9 Kyle Milne  
No.10 Rico Marini  
No.11 Billy McGhee  
No.12 Aaron Drummond  
No.14 Lucas McLay  
No.15 Aaron Hall  
No.16  Johnny Orr  
No.17 Freddie Lawrie  
No.18 Warren Rossi  
No.19  Lewis Thomson  
No.20 John Reilly  
No.22 Lewis Gregory  
No.23 Lewis McGovern  
No.24 Elliott McDonald  
No.25 Finlay Harper  
No.26 Isa Ullah  
No.27  Elliott McDonald  

Goal Scorers


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