Under 14 A&B (2004)

  Team Coach:  Joe Noon           
  Assistant Coach: Callum Moffat
Chris Harkins
Gregor McInness


  Training Contact: Joe Noon - 07980748484
  League: ERSDA / GADYFL

Current Players A

No.1 Micheal Gallagher
No.2 Lewis McNeill
No.3 Jamie Beatie
No.4 Aarron McLardy
No.5 Ryan Milne
No.6 Shaun Noon
No.7 Patrick Foxworthy
No.8 Aiden Storrie
No.9 Fraser Moreton
No.10 Jack Sinclair
No.11 Josh McGilp
No.12 Luke Nicklin
No.14 Cammy McLennan
No.15 Andrew Dunne
No.16 Reece McManus

Goal Scorers A

Josh McGilp 7
Jack Sinclair 6
Shaun Noon 3
Fraser Moreton 3
Ryan Milne 4
Aiden  Storrie 1

Current Players B

No.1  Fraser Watson       
No.2 Craig Taggart
No.3  Finn O'Donnell
No.4  Lewis Symington
No.5  Eddie Martinescu
No.6  Alex Addie
No.7 Ryan O'Neil
No.8  Leo Nicholson
No.9   Elliott Moffat
No.10  Jay Strong
No.11  Kyle Hobbs
No.12  David Shaedden
No.13  Alex Kerr
No.14 Jamie Fairfeild
No.15 Cody Gillespie
No.16  Dylan Conway
No.17 Johnny McCormack
No.18 Charlie Felth
No.19 Finlay Duncan
No.20 Sam Williamson 
No.21 Jack Harper
No.22 Thomas Hayton
No.23 Owen Robertson

Goal Scorers B

Jay Strong 4
Ryan O'Neil 3
David Shedden 2
Elliot Moffat 1
Leo Nicholson 1
Dylan Irvine 1

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Under 14 (2004) Fixtures Season 17/18

2004 Season Archive - Fixtures and results from previous seasons

27/08/17 Gadyfl Cathcart League Cup Overlee playing feilds 11-4 J McGilp     J McGilpx4, JSinclairx3, S Noonx2, F Moreton,R Milne
27/08/17 Ersda Cambuslang League Mearns castle 7-4 A Addie     J Strongx3,R O'Neilx2 ,D Shedden, E Moffat
29/08/17 Gadyfl Palace Park League cup Ibrox complex 6-6 M Gallagher     R Milnex2,S Noon, J McGilp, J Sinclair, F Moreton
10/09/17 Ersda​ E K Burgh League Eastwood 0-1 D.Sheddon      
17/09/17 Ersda Southside Star League Eastwood 5-3 D.Irvine     J.Strong,D Sheddon,L Nicholson,R O'Neil.D Irvine
16/09/17​ Gadyfl Lanscraig Scottish Cup Lochfeild rd 7-2 J McGilp     J McGilp x2, J Sinclair x2, A Storrie,F Moreton.R Milne
08/10/17 Gadyfl Cathcart League Overlee 6-2       S Noon,